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Group Activities

This page describes all of Pivot Point GROUP ACTIVITIES. You’ll find GROUP SERVICES, which are online or in-person gatherings of our clients or their family members, as well as GROUP EVENTS, which are one-time-only events hosted for clients, family members, community partners, etc.

We currently host three different STYLES of GROUP SERVICES:

1.  H.A.N.G. ~ Helping Adolescents / Adults Network and Grow

Our H.A.N.G. style groups are designed to be fun social environments where teen and adult peers with Diverse Abilities get together (in-person or online) to network with others who share common interests.  Each session of any “H.A.N.G.” styled group includes structured greeting activities, group activity planning, gentle in-the-moment coaching, and feedback on observed and emerging social skill dynamics. Our H.A.N.G. style groups are themed around ages and interests. 

2.  Developing… Skills ~ Interactive groups designed to teach a specific topic or skill 

Our “Developing… skills” style groups follow a set curriculum, and inspire participants to work together towards acquiring skills needed to pursue their personal growth and success. This group style includes a very wide range of topics and themes, with new topics being added regularly to reflect new interests, needs and inspirations.  “Developing… skills” style groups are well suited to children, youth, adults, caregivers and community members who are ready to jump in and learn some new skills! 

3.  Day Camps ~ Week-long groups built for Summer, Winter and Spring Break learning and fun! 

Our “Day Camp” style groups typically run for a full week, Monday through Friday. Common session times include morning sessions only, afternoon sessions only, or full-day sessions.  Many of our “Day Camp” style groups are available either online or in-person, so please carefully note this in the groups listed on our Calendar page. While each “Day Camp” style group is themed, each group incorporates social skill development and friendship building while inspiring a Growth Mindset and increased self-awareness / self-responsibility in a safe, respectful, fun peer environment. 

Visit our Calendar of Events page to learn more about the events we’re currently hosting across the province!

Our GROUP SERVICES shown below are clustered by Service Program Area.  



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Day Camp: Arts, Books, Poetry & Picnics in the Park! 

This day camp is designed for those who prefer a quieter slower pace.

Each day, two staff meet up to 8 participants ages 7 to 15 on location for their chosen activity. Participants bring their own lunch to enjoy at the picnic, and will choose between various staff lead individual projects such as art, crafts, reading/discussions and poetry writing/reading… or to interact through games, slower paced summer activities, riddles and other intellectual/social challenges together. Consistent with this gentle pace, these camps highlight quality interpersonal interactions, critical thinking, creativity and emotional engagement through fun activities with like-minded peers!

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Day Camp: Eco Adventure Camp! 

Eco Adventures Day Camp offers a fun outdoor pursuit each day of the week!

Participants ages 8 to 14 will explore different locations and activities throughout their community in our small-group social skill building process. Each day, two staff meet the group of 6 to 8 participants at the location for that day’s adventure. They plan out the activity together, embark, break for snacks, continue/return to the pick up site. Whether hiking, adventure/challenge gaming, or exploring… each day will increase their mindfulness in nature, as well as their social skills, while exploring parks, beaches, streams, hikes, geo-caching and other challenging activities that deepen their love of the outdoors!

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Day Camp: Gamers & Actors Unite! 

The Gamers & Actors Day-Camp is all about imagination!

Each day we integrate themes from Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft and other age appropriate adventure series into real life activities, where participants develop a story and act out the plot, or play out their choices on a game board. This camp uses improv (theater sports), role playing, and small group presentation opportunities to inspire self confidence, creative self expression, group problem solving and peer group development.

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H.A.N.G – Dungeons & Dragons: Duncan 

Join our Dungeon Master on an adventure into the world of Magic, Mystery and Magnificent Treasures. Delve into darkest dungeons and explore ancient ruins in the pursuit of increased social skills, problem-solving, cooperation and fun!

Our H.A.N.G. Dungeons & Dragons In-Person groups start with a casual social check-in over a simple meal (usually Pizza or a sandwich platter), then the H.A.N.G. process naturally emerges as the Dungeon Master gently invites participants into their roles and goals for their individual adventure that day. Most of our D&D participants don’t even recognize that they are in a social skill development group! They just keep coming back for the fun and friendships!

Dungeons & Dragons is Currently Running in the Following Communities:

•   Duncan

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Dungeons & Dragons Flyer

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H.A.N.G – Eco Adventures

Eco Adventures is a weekly program for youth ages 6-14 where participants explore different locations and outdoor activities around their community within our unique social skill building process.

H.A.N.G. Eco Adventures, leverage community parks, beaches, streams, hikes, and other locations — and a shared interest in the outdoors — to create safe opportunities for participants to make friends and practice their social skills. Each participant is working towards their own individualized social skill goals, but within a fun group environment that keeps moving and keeps conversations light and easy.

Eco Adventures is Currently Running in the Following Communities:

•   Victoria
•   Kamloops

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Eco Adventure Group Flyer

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H.A.N.G – Lego Club 

Join us for fun construction adventures building with everybody’s favourite building toy, LEGO!

Our H.A.N.G. In-Person Lego groups start with a casual social check-in, then gently transition into the group session planning / problem solving process central to all H.A.N.G. sessions.

Sessions include individual discovery and building time, 1-1 attention, small group tutorials and group sharing times… all designed to give participants a chance to practice their social skills and expand their role within the small group.

Lego In-Person is Currently Running in the Following Communities:

•   Kamloops

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Lego Group Flyer

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H.A.N.G – Minecraft Club

Join us as we venture into the world of MINECRAFT!

Our staff host interactive building competitions, focused learning sessions, supervised free play, and all sorts of fun MINECRAFT adventures! Learn to use Redstone to code “electrical features” and to perform logic tasks.

Let your child’s creativity flow during our engaging Build Challenges and lesson-focused games.

Hosted and Supervised by our staff at all times, our MINECRAFT world is full of activities, social interaction, and pre-planned topics to explore together! All you need is a computer, access to the internet and a microphone! Set up and training provided.

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Minecraft Group Flyer



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Day Camp: STEAM Challenge! 

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Math.

Our STEAM Challenge Day Camps bring together these five disciplines to create active and inclusive learning opportunities that challenge participants mentally, while inspiring them socially. Building water balloon catapults for a fortress battle royale in the park is a great example. Each of the other day’s adventures are just as engaging, requiring group problem solving, team work, and individual exploration designed to bring out the strengths and sense of adventure in each participant. Teams of 8, ages 8 to 16 meet their two STEAM Challenge leaders on-site each day.

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Day Camp: Student Success! 

Many families struggle to feel ready for the transition into Kindergarten and the early primary grades!

This day camp creates a fun and safe way for small groups of young students to encounter the classroom environment, and the initial basics of structure and routine like circle time, story-time and other small group play activities. Hosted in each of our 17 established Community Classroom sites throughout BC, Student Success Day Camps show students how to have fun with words, numbers and their peers. We inspire a love for learning, while building a sense of confidence for the transition into their school, or online learning, in September.

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PEERS: Developing Relationship Skills 

PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) is a social skills intervention program designed at UCLA. The goal of PEERS is to “improve friendship quality and social skills among people with Autism Spectrum Disorders” (Laugeson et al, 2009). The group will gather to develop and practice their social skills for 1 hour/week for 8 weeks.

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Developing Relationships Flyer


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Taming the Worry Dragons

The goal of this mental health group is for participants to experience a decrease in anxiety. Our Lead Professionals will help to equip the participants with knowledge, tools and skills to decrease anxieties and stressors in every day life.

The age range for this group will be ages 9-14 years old (some exceptions can be made to this age range, considering the other clients who have enrolled).

The sessions will be structured in the following way:

  • Check in (worry dragon scale & weekly statement – prepared ahead of time)
  • Psychoeducation about the topic of the week
  • Independent time to work on worksheet or group practice
  • Discussion about topic, worksheets, or practice
  • Time to write hopeful statement
  • Closing – sharing hopeful statement and end of group worry dragon rating

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Taming the Worry Dragon Flyer



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H.A.N.G – Come for the Music, Stay for the Friends 

Come for the Music Stay for the Friends is an online music group for adults. The group will meet for 1 hour a week for 10 weeks. The group’s focus is socialization, developing and practicing social skills, as well as learning music skills, and music appreciation.

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Come for the Music Stay for the Friends Flyer





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Caregiver Support – Rockstar Parent Workgroup

Caregiver Support – Rockstar Parent Workgroup

Join a small group of parents each week as we explore the Rockstar Parent Workbook (provided).

Each of the eight sessions is lead by an experienced Counsellor who is committed to helping you master the secrets of great parenting… even through challenging behaviours and Diverse Abilities.

Together we’ll work through the 5 Key Steps:

  • Take back control of your hectic schedule
  • Find out how to get a life in the midst of your crazy world
  • Reclaim the power of having a plan that actually works
  • Experience the sense of “balance with focus” that you’ve always dreamed of
  • Learn the hidden power of creating and sustaining momentum

To see a flyer you can download, print or email to others, view our Rockstar Parent Workgroup Flyer