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Meet Abbotsford Co-Regional Managers Katrina Crosby & Sandra Haukeland

Sandra Haukeland

Katrina Crosby


Sandra Haukeland


Katrina Crosby

Katrina was only 14 years old when she discovered she had a passion for helping others. Having a large extended family with lots of elders to love her, Katrina felt she had a lot to offer working at a Rest Home where she could genuinely engage with those residents that didn’t really have family. Her caring ways led her to be a camp counsellor and Sunday School teacher on the Sunshine Coast.

When Katrina married, she spent 18 years in Scotland where she fell in love with the small villages and sense of community, learning more about art and design in industrial weaving on an organic farm. The balance of nature and the environment helped her see there can be positive solutions to what others might see as a problem.

Now in her fifth year with Pivot Point, Katrina has found the life-work balance she has always wanted. Having started as a Behavior Interventionist and Child Care Support Worker, her career path has evolved in many areas of support programs and group activities offered at Pivot Point. Katrina has been a Lead Instructor for the Agassiz Community Classroom, as well as the Assistant Regional Manager in the region for the past two years, culminating into her next step, as the Regional Manager for the Kent/Hope region.

In her down time, Katrina enjoys spending time with her non-binary teenager and fluffy old dog enjoying the beautiful surrounding area she calls home, actively participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Along with 3 mischievous cats and glow fish. She also enjoys baking and crafting which she has shared with her students helping to develop life skills.

Sandra Haukeland

Sandra knew from an early age that her life would be centred on helping others.

Her greatest belief is that EVERYONE should be treated with kindness, dignity, and equality. Initially working with children in daycare centres, Sandra’s career evolved into teaching in various locations within the lower mainland. During this time, she also learned a valuable lesson; “I learned that helping/teaching others is not something that should be done to another person, it should be done with them. When this is done, then learning, growth and development becomes easy as it is done as a partnership.”

Sandra also spent time in Alberta where she worked with neuro-diverse groups, and home-school groups while tutoring neurodiverse and behaviourally challenged students, providing the extra support they required to achieve their goal to graduate.

Upon her return to BC, Sandra worked as an Executive Assistant for the Director of Health and the Manager of the Early Childhood Department and worked with a First Nations Band locally in BC.

With a BA in English Literature and Early Childhood Education and many other Educational and Crisis Intervention certifications, Sandra is excited to lead her team of professionals to ensure the individuals and families they support find their dreams and goals. Encouraging their passions and celebrating their successes.

In her downtime, Sandra enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband taking in the beautiful Fraser Valley. She also enjoys a passion for all things Chocolate!

About Services in Abbotsford

Situated in the Clearbrook area, our Learning Centre in Abbotsford serves as a focal point for educational initiatives. It provides a dedicated space where neurodiverse learners can engage in more than academic pursuits, focusing on the development of life skills, creative and critical thinking, and social competencies. This community classroom is also instrumental in delivering tutoring support, with an emphasis on personalized learning frameworks crafted by our education consultants.

As we tirelessly strive to expand our outreach, we are thrilled to introduce the transformative realm of Neurofeedback. This non-invasive therapeutic technique involves real-time monitoring of brain activity, allowing individuals to learn self-regulation of their brain function. By receiving feedback on their brainwaves, individuals can train their brain to achieve more balanced and optimal patterns, potentially addressing various neurological and psychological conditions.. Complemented by counselling and family support services, we aim to empower individuals on their unique journeys toward mental well-being.

Our dedicated Behaviour Consultants collaborate with frontline interventionists who can seamlessly operate either from our centre or the comfort of your home. Using a blend of family-shared information and data-driven techniques, we design modern ABA programs tailored to the individual. While this approach may require some additional time, it ensures a perfect fit for every person we serve, spanning from young children to adulthood.

From Youth and Adult groups to Summer Day Camps, our Group Activites offer a diverse range of experiences, including social skills development, friendship building, and skills-based learning. Whether conducted online or in person, weekly or intensively over a week, our groups stand out for their unique curriculum crafted by clinical professionals such as behaviour consultants and counsellors. Boasting small group numbers and a high staff ratio, these sessions provide an unparalleled level of personalized attention.

Looking ahead, our goals for the upcoming year revolve around deepening our connections within the Abbotsford community. We are committed to adapting and growing to meet the diverse needs of the Central Fraser area. Reflecting the diversity of our clients, our staff comprises individuals who live, work, and play in the same areas, ensuring a genuine understanding of the communities we serve. Join us on this enriching journey as we continue to evolve, flex, and thrive together.

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