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Stories of Positive Change

At Pivot Point, we are deeply committed to Creating Positive Change in the lives of our staff members and client families. Below are some of the stories of personal, professional or family change that others have experienced through Pivot Point.

Share your own story of positive change with us!


I enjoyed being in the classroom and am definitely interested in being a sub.

The kids I met today are great. It’s been very helpful having Zoe train me. You are very supportive and I thank you for your patience while I am trying to get the hang of things. I’m enjoying the work, kids, and staff very much.”

~ Shannon Stewart
Staff Member

We would love to keep working with you.

T is always looking forward to your sessions and even today we talked about the last session and he told me how He wants to try to control his anger better and listen! He is so excited to see you today!”

~ Anonymous
Mom of Mental Health Program Client


I can’t say enough about the importance of Pivot Point Camp and the people that work there.

My Nephew began attending this camp from July 5, 2021, Pretty much kicking and screaming that he was not going to go and by Week 4 he had learned to make friends and was telling the camp counsellors that he was going to miss everybody and wants to come back. He gave the camp counsellors some grief with not so great behaviors but they were fantastic at responding properly to a child on the spectrum and they were gentle yet firm with their requests and checked in with me often to give me updates on his behavior. They gave my nephew a sense of safety, kindness and confidence in himself. Thank you Priya and Malina for providing a loving, caring environment that my nephew was able to grow and learn in and make home friends that he always wanted. We will be back and you are both priceless!!!Thank you Pivot Point for hiring fantastic staff that guardians and parents can be confident in that their children are being placed in good hands because it takes a village!”

~ GB
Aunt of Day Camp Participant

The past 5 years that I have been a part of Pivot Point has deeply impacted and shaped me beyond measure. Thank you so much for all of the training opportunities, lessons to grow and most of all for always believing in and challenging me. I look back on my time with Pivot Point with great sentiment and pride…this company has always been so much more than a job… it has given me an intrinsic feeling of belonging. Thank you so much for the experiences, values and connections that you have given me.” 

~ Elisha Summers
Staff Member

With nearly 2 years working with Pivot Point, I have enjoyed developing meaningful relationships with staff and families. This is a heart centred organization from the inside out. Working with the Mental Health Program, this is an important value in my world. The energy of our people who work together to create positive change is inspiring to me every day. Thank-you to all for your contribution!” 

~ Anonymous
Staff Member

When I applied to work on the Pivot Point IT team, I was insecure about my skills, because over the last 5 years I have worked mostly as an IT teacher. Pivot Point believed in my potential and how I could add my values to the company. Today, I am leading an incredible IT team that works to provide the necessary technical tools for the other staff members who continue doing their exceptional work at Pivot Point.” 

Maycon Santos
IT Team Lead

Pivot Point’s Behaviour Consultant has worked really hard to develop local relationships and is making progress within the local community!” 

~ Anonymous
Community Member

Working for Pivot Point has created positive change in my life in more ways than one. I have been inspired by so many other staff members who I now consider a part of my extended family. I have been encouraged and supported to follow my passion and pursue my goals. The way that Pivot Point upholds their guiding principals and values truly brings out the best in people. It is rare to see these days as it is easy to simply focus on getting the job done in the quickest and most efficient way. But the work that we do is so much more than just a job as hopefully we encourage our clients and families to follow their passion and pursue their goals as they invite us into their lives and homes to create positive change.”

~ Anonymous
Staff Member

My son was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 16 years old. I did not know what to do first, I had a lot of paperwork to fill out and many questions to answer. Luckily I found Pivot Point. They helped me to fill out all the important papers, helped me and my son to make a plan of what supports were needed and available. He received great social and school support from the team. Thanks to Pivot Point he graduated high school, something we were unsure if this would be possible. The transition to adult hood is in works and also my son received important counseling.”

~ Anonymous
Parent & Client Family

My family and I are immigrants to Canada When I needed Pivot Point to help with my immigration process, I was very well supported (much more than I expected). Today I can proudly say that Pivot Point has helped my family’s dream come true! I am thankful to work for a company that really cares about its employees. Thank you, Pivot Point!” 

Staff Member Burnaby

Z is loving the Community Classroom. I am excited to tell you that he has started reading. This has been a struggle so this is huge. He wants to go to class each day. This is big too. I say “it’s bed time, you have school” and he says “OK mom!” He is learning lots and is excited to share what he is learning.” 

L & C
Parents of Community Classroom Student

Hi, my name is Shandi, 

“I have been with Pivot Point for almost 3 years now and it has been life changing! Without their help and the whole team’s help, I don’t know where my son and I would be! When we first began, my son was non verbal, didn’t know how to express himself, he wasn’t potty trained, and everything was a challenge… for me and for him! With all their hard work he now talks, even some full sentences! He is potty trained, he can write his name and some other words, he can count and knows his A.B.C’s, and he can read! Everything is so much easier now that he is able to communicate. He has come so far and I have nothing but thanks and appreciation to the whole Pivot Point team!

~ Shandi

Parent of Early Intervention Client