Services to Diverse Abilities throughout
British Columbia


Annual Reports

Pivot Point’s annual reports serve as comprehensive documents that provide a detailed overview of our organization’s activities, accomplishments, and overall performance throughout the year. These reports contain a wealth of valuable information, including insights into the various regions in which we operate and the diverse programs we offer. They shed light on the dedicated staff members who contribute to our mission, highlighting their roles and contributions to our success.

Moreover, the annual reports delve into the therapeutic outcomes achieved by our programs, showcasing the positive impact we have on the individuals we serve. These outcomes are not only a testament to our commitment but also a source of inspiration for further growth and development.

In addition to all this, our annual reports are a celebration of the successes and milestones we’ve reached over the past year. They encapsulate the essence of our achievements, whether they involve meeting important goals, launching innovative initiatives, or strengthening partnerships in the community.

2022/2023 Annual Report

2021/2022 Annual Report

2019/2020 Annual Report