Services to Diverse Abilities throughout
British Columbia


One-to-One Daily Services

Many children, youth and adults need individual attention and support to help them learn, grow, and be at their best. Pivot Point staff members get to know your the individuals in your family, we work with parents and professionals to tailor a therapeutic plan, and then consistently work towards those shared goals… in your home or at one of our clinics. Together we create a clear path towards your family’s success, and then maximize progress through our highly focused 1-1 and small group based supports and professional services.

Pivot Point is committed to delivering high-quality, high-outcome therapeutic services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and their families. Our aim is to create the most effective and efficient system possible, so that all clients can make the most progress possible with the resources available. This means that, unlike many other “recreation-based” programs, our services and staff are keenly focused on teaching valuable life skills and producing noticeable progress in the lives of the clients we serve… all within a service delivery model that “does more for less”.

Through our large team of passionate professionals and staff, Pivot Point has extensive expertise working with individuals with Autism, as well as the many ASD related disorders. In addition to this focus on Autism, our service providers are specialists in providing a client-centered, family-oriented mix of evidence based therapies based on Applied Behaviour Analysis, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Family Counselling, Psychiatry, Neurofeedback, and other interventions where appropriate.

Pivot Point’s full service “One-Stop-Autism-Shop” structure makes us an ideal choice for most families because we set-up, deliver, and monitor all services provided to a family. This means that:

  • Parents DO NOT need to interview, hire, train, and supervise staff: We do that for you!
  • Parents DO NOT need to become ’employers’ (remitting EI, CPP, income tax, and abiding by Revenue Canada and the Employment Standards Act of BC): We do that for you!
  • All of our staff are trained in therapies of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
  • All of our 1-1 services are “self-scheduled”, and delivered in family homes or our clinics; making them convenient and easy to access.
  • All Pivot Point programs are evidence based and fully compliant with BC’s Autism Funding Programs.