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Meet Virginia Renaud

North Fraser Regional Manager

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Hi! My name is Virginia Renaud. My official educational background is in Journalism. I worked as an investigative journalist until realizing my true passion, when my son was three years old, and diagnosed with Autism. That was 1993. This date marks the beginning of my pursuit of knowledge and launched my real career, that of parent advocate and case manager for people with neurodiversities. I also ran a parent support group for many years, and founded the Fraser Valley Autism Society.


Tell us a little about what made you choose this career path.

I have always wanted to make people happy and comfortable. I saw Autism as a mystifying thing that no one seemed able to cope with, in my community. I saw bewildered parents, and indeed I was one! I knew then, that I had to be part of something that would make a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of others. I didn’t think it was right that we had to work so hard, for so little benefit with our kids.


What’s one thing you value about working at Pivot Point?

I like giving the parents and their kids a voice. Some of them have never felt “heard” before now. Some might not really know how to express their needs, they just feel alone and scared. I really like bringing a capable team together, to make their wish list come true.


What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am a writer. I create books. So in my spare time, I am either taking a walk, with my mind far away, or I am working on my laptop or in my notebook, bringing fictional scenes to life. This brings me joy and helps me unwind. There is something very soothing about capturing my thoughts on paper.


Can you introduce us to the people in your region?

Sure! I work with several talented people.

I work with two Behaviour Consultants, Sydney Wolstenholme and Kenny Ho. These people understand very well what it’s like to be a Behaviour Intervener. They both started their careers this way! This is what makes them so good at being a BC, writing programs for and supporting our Behaviour Interveners and Child Care workers.

Our Clinical Counselor is Sanpreet (Sunny) Samra. Sunny worked with us several years ago as a Child Care Worker, while he was going to school. We are so thrilled that he’s come back to work with us in an official capacity as our regional counselor. He’s a very kind and approachable man.

Our Educational Consultant is Barb Mitchell. She is well versed in all things academic, offering support to families and tutors in my region, and always with a smile and a joke or two!
Our Program Assistants, whom I like to call the “paperwork gurus”, are the folks who keep our teams organized, the schedules humming along like clockwork, and the service budget in check. Candice and Dalena are two very important people on my team.

There are quite a few ‘magic makers’ in my region who are also known as Child Care Workers, Life Skill Workers, Behaviour Interveners and Tutors. These people do what is sometimes referred to as 1:1 work, or frontline service. What this means, is that Trevor, Rebecca, Barb, Candice and Sarah implement the programs that are designed to improve the lives of our client families! This is why I call them ‘magic makers’. Their skill and patience each week, means that our families can finally know they aren’t alone, and that the things that used to exist on that wish-list I mentioned earlier, are coming to life!


Is there anything else you’d like people to know about your team?

They are dedicated and caring. And I trust these people. When I hire new people to my team, I always run it through the filter of “would I want them to work with my own son?”.
The answer is: YES!