Educational Services Program

Pivot Point provides a wide range of educational services to students from pre-school through post-secondary & University. Our approach emphasizes a positive, systematic way of inspiring and supporting learning, not just “teaching”, as we believe that students with Diverse Abilities often require alternate approaches to help them reach their full academic potential. We make learning fun again!


Our staff and services are carefully guided by several “Foundational Beliefs”. Some of our beliefs include:

  • All students have the capacity to learn if information is presented in a way that makes sense to them; This forms the basis for our focus on learning differences rather than on Learning disabilities.
  • Teachers in large public and private schools are doing their best, but are often limited by large class sizes, school dynamics, and insufficient training in how to tailor instruction to unique learning needs. Often we have seen how changing the structure can release the magic for a student.
  • Parents are doing their best with the information they have and with the busy and complex lives we all live; both of which often obscure the ideal path for individual growth for the students they support.
  • Our job as educators is to create a clear and individualized plan towards excellence, skillfully follow that path with passion and accountability, and inspire a love of learning.
This Program Is For
  • Academic Assessments, and Tutoring are typically accessed by children age 5 to 19, though many young adults also find our assessment process helpful for identifying learning styles and learning support needs for their post-secondary experience.
  • Community Classrooms are great for students between grades K through 9 who struggle with large classrooms. 
  • Academic & Access Assistant services are for anyone over age 18 enrolled in Post-secondary studies.
  • Most of our students in this program area struggle with academics or with success in larger public or private school settings, or group tutoring services where a much smaller and more individualized learning environment is desired. Many students have a diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, other DD’s, or significant behavioural or mental health conditions.
Length of Program:

Length of service is determined by the ideal INTENSITY of service needed to produce the most gains for the funding available within a funding year. Tutoring tends to be more intensive at the start, and may last 5 to 8 months, with most students optimized at two sessions each week; older students are often optimized with slightly fewer sessions each week. Community Classrooms accept registrations for 5-month terms (Sept to Jan, and Feb to June) or for the full school year. 

  • Parents must be able to commit government Autism Funding and/or personal funds to pay for parts of this services.
  • Parent & family participation is ideal for bridging academic success into the home, but will depend on ability.
Funding Options may include:
  • Autism Funding of BC
  • Private Funding
  • At-Home Funding
Intake Process
  • Complete our Request a Meeting form and let us schedule a free 1-hour meeting to see if we’re a good fit!
  • We can usually meet within 1 week of your request.
  • Academic assessments and Tutoring services can typically begin within a week or two of your request.
  • Community Classrooms require registration approximately 3 months before each term starts. Click HERE to learn more


Primary Services in this program are:


~~~  Community Classrooms Learning Centres  ~~~







Community Classrooms Video Community Classrooms Video