Services to Diverse Abilities throughout
British Columbia


Clinic-Based Options

Clinic-Based Programs at Pivot Point provide an opportunity for children, youth, and adults to generalize new skills learned in home therapy programs. Skills are generalized by having clients work with novel/different instructors, using new stimuli/program materials, in a clinic based setting that maximizes learning through peer interaction. Pivot Point’s clinics give learners effective and cost efficient access to safe settings in which they can learn and grow with their peers…all within their home communities.

  • Clinics offer excellent results for children and youth.
  • Clinics focus on generalization of newly learned skills, and on expanding social skills.
  • Each session includes one-to-one and group instruction and structured social play.
  • Clinic programming is individualized weekly based on each client’s home based program.
  • Clinic staff are trained in evidence based therapies.
  • Clinic programming, therapy, and data collection for each child is supported by the Lead Professional and Clinical Supervisor on each client’s care team.
  • Clinics allow the client’s home therapy team, and family, to observe and train in therapy skills.
  • Most clinics are open several days each week, at varied times
  • All Pivot Point programs are fully compliant with BC’s Autism Funding Programs.
  • Pivot Point will open new clinics within each of our Regions based on demand.

Contact Pivot Point’s Regional Manager for information about clinic options in your community!