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Explore or Start Counselling

If you are not currently receiving Counselling services through Pivot Point, please click “Step 1: Explore Counselling” and complete our brief form so that one of our counsellors can reach you for a free consultation to help begin exploring your needs. Our goals in that free phone call are to see if we are a good fit for you and your family, to determine the urgency, to better understand your concerns and goals, and to coordinate which of our staff members will best serve you and your family. 

Step 1: Explore Counselling


If you have already submitted the Explore Counselling form and you are ready to move forward with starting your Counselling sessions (either in person or online through live video), please click “Step 2: Counselling Intake Form” and complete our intake package. It will explain the nature of our services and how we manage your information, let you consent to these services, and give you some options about what you’d like your services to look like. Once this form is complete, you and your preferred counsellor can begin sessions immediately!

* Please note that both steps/forms can be completed at the same time, or you may wait until after your phone call with us to complete step 2.  Either way, both steps/forms must be completed before sessions can begin.

Step 2: Counselling Intake Form