Services to Diverse Abilities throughout
British Columbia


Vision: Continuous Improvement

We believe that every human being is capable of making continuous improvement and progress towards their own personal best. Through this, we recognize that Pivot Point itself must also learn and adapt as it continuously evolves into being the best agency that its staff and clients need it to be.

In this quest for excellence, we recognize that the idea of what is “Best” is unique to each person; it’s also quite elusive and difficult to maintain! As such, we are always rediscovering and learning more about what the “best” might look like for each person we serve, or for each staff member we support, or for each business function we provide.

Continuous Improvement in Clinical Quality:

Every service at Pivot Point is intended to create positive change in the lives of the people we serve, because we believe that every person deserves to live a good life with peace, choice, friends, and success.

To help accomplish this, all of our services are rooted in the science of learning theory. This simply means that we use practices and techniques that are proven to be effective, so that we can reduce or remove the guesswork from our job: We want to create CHANGE as quickly and effectively as possible!

However, our commitment to Continuous Improvement also inspires us to look beyond where each person is now, because we are focused on the best possible life for each person involved, not just on the best approaches. This keeps us excitedly thinking about ‘what’s next’ in each person’s life, and inviting clients and staff to dream of something even greater!

Pivot Point is also committed to continuously improving and gently expanding the range of services we offer. We are a learning organization, and invite the evolution of all of our systems. We are active innovators frequently looking at the populations we serve and trying to determine what services are missing. We then set out to create those services, and bring them to our communities… to continuously offer more.