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Welcome to the Kootenay Regional Page covering Cranbrook, Nelson, Trail and more! 

Meet Kootenay Co-Regional Managers Kylie Fredrickson & Amber Singh

Kylie Fredrickson

Amber Singh

Kylie Fredrickson


Amber Rathpoller


Kylie joined Pivot Point in 2019 and has held many different roles within the organization. She was born and raised in the Kootenays and is finely attuned to the culture and specific needs of our area. Kylie is highly knowledgeable about all of Pivot Point’s policies and procedures, and usually has the answer to any question. She is currently finishing University with a degree in Psychology. In her off time, Kylie likes to play disc golf and enjoy the outdoors with her many pets.

Amber joined Pivot Point in 2020, bringing with her several decades of experience working with children and youth with diverse abilities. Amber has run a daycare, worked in the public school system, and is currently the Lead Instructor at our Cranbrook Community Classroom.

Amber has a tenacious drive to serve while creating positive change within her community. She loves to go the extra mile for people, and she is constantly striving to provide the best possible care for our clients. In her downtime, she enjoys golfing and spending time with her family.

After working closely together in the Community Classroom, Amber and Kylie formed a close bond, and an excellent working relationship. In 2023, they decided to jointly apply to become Co-Regional Managers for the Kootenays. Their complimentary skills provide outstanding service and care to our entire region.


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