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Early Intervention ABA Services Program

Pivot Point provides comprehensive one-to-one and small-group therapy options for young children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental conditions. Therapy usually starts in the child’s home, creating a fun and highly focused learning environment. As the child learns new skills, therapy is expanded to include early childhood education settings, the community, and other settings.

The program emphasizes a positive and systematic way of teaching skills and reducing behavioural problems. Therapy teams focus on creativity and flexibility, and work with available resources to develop a plan for each child that maximizes gains. We have a passion for measuring and showing regular progress!

The program uses applied behaviour analysis principles to determine a young child’s behavioural deficits and excesses. The program also teaches appropriate behaviours through the use of the analysis of verbal behaviour, discrete trial teaching, applied verbal behaviour methods, and natural environment teaching.          


This Program Is For

Children under age 6 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other Developmental Disabilities or significant behavioural conditions.

Length of Program:

Length of service is determined by the ideal INTENSITY of service needed to produce the most gains for the funding available within a funding year. Most children receive 8 to 12 months of intensive intervention.

  • Parents must be able to commit government Autism Funding or personal funds, or both to pay for services.
  • Parent & family participation is required, but will depend on ability.
Funding Options::
  • Autism Funding of BC
  • Private Funding
  • At-Home Funding
Intake Process
  • Complete our Request a Meeting form and let us schedule a 1 hour meeting to see if we’re a good fit!
  • We can usually meet within 1 week of your request.

Primary Services in this program are:


Meet Alex Delange, M.Sc., BCBA

ABA Program Manager, Behaviour Consultant & CSup

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