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Complex Care Services

There is a growing awareness in British Columbia about a special group of  individuals and families struggling with the most complex health and social needs. These include children and families who, due to their behavioural health and social needs, repeatedly cycle through multiple healthcare, educational, and social service systems without lasting improvements to their overall well-being. Chronically, they remain children and families on the edge.

Pivot Point’s Complex Care Program was designed around the single goal of providing intensive, highly responsive, clinically relevant services to the families that need it the most SO THAT they can reach a level of stability and relative wellness that lowers their level of need.

Complex Care starts with listening to the stories and experiences of the family. Learning about the needs and goals of each person within the home helps us unravel complexities and define a path towards an outcome that everyone wants. 

Next, Pivot Point draws from our large and diverse team of clinicians and service providers to assemble the key people in key roles on the family’s larger team. 

Working closely with the existing team of Social Workers, Mental Health workers, Behaviour Consultants, school staff, medical and emergency response personnel and extended family members (or creating that team for you), we’ll work hard to sharpen the vision and intensify the pace as we all pull together and press towards common goals.  

This Program Is For

Young children, youth and young adults with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, Autism (ASD), FASD, Anxiety,  OCD, or other DD’s or significant behavioral or complex developmental conditions which have persistently created significant challenges at home, school, work and within most meaningful relationships. 

Length of Program:

Although some of our services in this program area are very short term (i.e., from a few weeks to a few months), most of our services are designed around providing enough intensive service to create a meaningful change in the family’s level of functioning… so that they can be successful with lower levels of service. As such, we typically work within 6 month contracts, chasing very specific goals from a chosen team of staff, and then re-evaluate at the 5 month mark and reset and redesign the contract for another 6 month sprint. This process can be repeated any number of times until the family feels they have achieved sufficient clarity, stability,  knowledge and skill to continue to make meaningful progress at lower levels of support. 


  • • Most Complex Care cases require MCFD or CLBC funding contracts in addition to other traditional sources (such as Autism Funding or other Ministries). 
  • • Parents must be willing to commit to and participate in the course of action that they and the team will create. Inactive families may have funding suspended and/or re-allocated to other families in need. 

Funding Options:

  • • Autism Funding
  • • MCFD / CLBC Funding
  • • Distributed Learning School Funding
  • • Private Funding (from family or others)
  • • At-Home Funding

Intake Process:

  • • MCFD staff or CLBC staff complete a confidential client referral through our online portal… HERE.
  • • Parents may complete our Complex Care Self-Referal Form and let us schedule a 2 hour, cost-free exploration meeting to see if we’re a good fit.
  • • Either way, we can usually meet within 1 week of your request.

Primary Services in this program include:


Meet Amber Foster

Complex Care Program Manager

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