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Neurofeedback Testimonials

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Positive Feedback about Neurofeedback Brain Training and Brain Mapping

“In October of 2021, we were offered the chance to try neurofeedback for our autistic, ADHD child.

To be honest we were not expecting too much, but we made a decision to do at least 10 sessions and see if there was any changes. Changes were gradual at first, but we were definitely seeing improvement in how he related to peers, his focus and concentration. There was a very slight change in his oppositional behaviour too. Then, after about 8-10 sessions, our son started to make big strides in his reading. His oppositional behaviour decreased significantly, and he made good decisions with situations with his peers. The proudest moment for us was when he was hit several times by a classmate, but he chose not to react! He told us he could have pushed this person away but he decided that he would not fight back because he would be sent to the office. Before, our son would have just reacted with anger and hitting back. He was very upset with this classmate but he told us he would like to work on being a friend with him again. To us, this highlights a very meaningful change.

We have paid for 10 sessions out of pocket and my husband stated today it was worth every penny to see these changes. We will continue with sessions as advised by our clinician. Our son will always have the diagnosis of ADHD and autism but a pill-free system like neurofeedback has offered him the opportunity to make better, less impulsive decisions and has definitely improved his concentration and focus.”

A very grateful parent,
Cranbrook, BC

“I found the neuro-feedback sessions to be a very positive experience. What happens during the session and how it works was explained very well and all my questions were answered. Before Neuro- feedback, my son displayed the following behaviors…lack of motivation, talk of being worthless and suicide, frustrated very easily resulting in a complete shut down or extreme anger that took a long time for him to calm down, Limited social skills

Changes came gradually but were noticeable. He never talks about dying anymore and he rarely gets frustrated. When he does, it is not nearly as intense and doesn’t take a very long for him to calm down. We also stopped getting calls from the school to come pick him up because he had shut down again. Some other changes we noticed were his being in tune with other people’s emotions. He started asking me how my day was, or if I wasn’t feeling well, he would ask if I was okay. He had never done this before. He also has made some new friends at school.

I found this treatment to be very effective, yet with very little asked of my son. All he had to do was to watch a movie, making it easy to persuade him to go.”

Surrey, BC

“Our son has been receiving Mark Thomas for over a year and we are extremely pleased with the changes we have noticed. He has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and has difficulty in social situations and interacting with people. He did approximately 2-3 times a week of bio feedback training. We have noticed that he does not “fly off the handle” as often and will stop and think before speaking. He is more helpful around the house and seems to have made some friends.”

Surrey, BC

“We have a son who has Autism. Since doing the Bio Feedback sessions we have noticed an amazing change in him. He smiles and laughs; he interacts with his younger siblings and seems to recognize if they are happy or sad. He speaks more often and his sense of humour is becoming very prominent. We would have to say that this is one of the best things that we could have done for not only our son, but our family as well.”

Surrey, BC

“My experience with Neuro Bio feedback has been most positive. My son has improved his life in so many areas. He has had reduction with his anxiety; depression, and ADHD. Sleep and anger have also improved immensely. I would recommend NBF highly.”

Surrey, BC

“I was referred to the Neuro feedback program back in May/June 2009. This came at a time when I had no hope at all for help with my son. I had struggled with not only an incorrect diagnosis (he is Austic – Asperger’s – not ADHD) but with years and years of changing his meds only to find nothing worked!! My son & I were both apprehensive but noticed small, yet significant changes about a month or so in.

Now, after a year the changes are phenomena!!! I cannot say enough about the changes I’ve seen in my teenage son… so much so that he also notices them and even more….appreciates them! He is much calmer, making friends and above all else (and the part that makes me so happy I tear up) he is finally able to verbalize how he is feeling and recognize his moods so there is a lot less anger and frustration.. On both our parts! If any parent(s) struggling with a child from ADHD, Autism, etc. is leery about trying this, please feel free to contact me and I will tell you all about it!

Most of all, I am grateful that my son, for the first time in his (our) lives, is able to fit in and just feel normal!!”

Surrey, BC

“This is an amazing technology and has helped with tough barriers for my son. As a client who has seen first hand the positive results, I recommend this therapy!”

Mission, BC

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