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H.A.N.G: Minecraft Club (ONLINE)


Join us as we venture into the world of Minecraft!  

Pivot Point’s customized and private Minecraft server hosts building competitions, learning nights, supervised free play, and all sorts of fun adventures! Learn to use Redstone to build “electric circuits” and to perform logic tasks. Let your creativity flow during Build Challenges and fun games. Hosted by our staff, our world is full of activities and scheduled events to try out! 

All that it is required is a Windows 10 (Bedrock) version of Minecraft, Internet access, and a Microphone. Set up and training will be provided.

“Helping Adolescents / Adults Network and Grow” (H.A.N.G.) is a way for teens and adults to build peer relationships while practicing social skills. Each session of any “H.A.N.G.” styled group includes structured greeting activities, group activity planning, gentle in-the-moment coaching, and feedback on observed and emerging social skill dynamics.

Group will run TWICE PER WEEK every Monday & Thursday, for 4 weeks from:

•  Dates TBD, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

The group facilitator will reach out with further instructions on how to access the online platform. 

The cost of this group is $400.00.
You have the option to pay privately or apply AFB funding to this group.

Participant FeedbackIntroducing Minecraft ADVANCED

In response to high demand, Pivot Point is expanding our existing Minecraft HANG program to create Minecraft ADVANCED!

Open to clients with at least 2 prior Minecraft HANG classes, this new option allows for more challenging situations, which will help our clients grow and get comfortable working with their peers. This increased difficulty and session length will result in a greater need for cooperation and collaboration – thereby building on the skills learned in prior HANG sessions.

The new online group structure is a modification to the base game of Minecraft through the use of add-ons (downloads that would work on all platforms and change some aspects of the game). For example, some add-ons create new and expanded end-game content, increasing the length of the game. Others may add “machines” so that players can design automated systems. Other add-ons increase the powers wielded by enemies, so that it becomes even more challenging to progress without communication and cooperation. By using add-ons, we improve the difficulty and complexity of the game, and create new scenarios and challenges to be overcome.

The adventure continues… in Minecraft ADVANCED!

If you are interested in registering for level two, please complete our Minecraft ADVANCED Interest Form. Once we confirm your registrant has completed at least 2 prior Minecraft sessions as is ready for this advanced group, we will send you the registration link.