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Family Therapeutic Staycation

Happy Families

Beachfront Home, White Rock, BC


The weekend away together… to get back to what matters!

The Family Therapeutic Staycation is a unique interactive family retreat, hosted by our clinical staff and designed to bring families closer together. Each family member becomes an integral piece of the design. The experiences of the weekend are built around each person, their values, hopes and dreams… and their relationships with each other.  

Stay Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon at one of our selected B&B locations throughout BC. Our sites are chosen to create a beautiful setting where your family can relax, play, and get out to enjoy the local community… yet sites are also big enough to give our clinical team the space to lead family discussions, activities and small break-out sessions. 

By the end of our closing session on Sunday, your family will have played, experienced a sense of togetherness, enjoyed some wonderful meals, designed a shared vision for your family goals, identified family challenges and barriers, begun discussing difficult topics, shifted towards more of a Growth Mindset, and initiated a plan on how to create more positive change within your home.


Cost Includes

•   All accommodations & Meals including snacks
•   All professional family services
•   All materials & games


A Typical Weekend Schedule

5:00 pm Welcome and facility tour
5:30 pm  Staff on site to review weekend itinerary and explore hopes
6:30 pm Family alone & out for prepaid dinner (or dine in with prepaid delivery food)
7:00-9:00 pm Family alone for evening of social time (games provided)

8:00 am Family breakfast alone
9:00 am Staff join for group and individual activities, guided discussions with professionals
12:00 pm Staff and family light lunch together
2:00 pm Discussing feelings and family
4:00 pm Exploring behaviours and family patterns
6:00 pm Family dinner together on site (prepared for you)
6:30-9:30 pm Family alone for evening of social time (games provided)

8:00 am-10:00 am Family breakfast alone
10:00 am Full clinical team group presentation of discoveries
10:30 am Family PATH / visioning / goal setting event. Friends & family join remotely
12:30 pm Light lunch with staff
1:00 pm Closing discussions, reflections, and family closing activity
2:00 pm Family departs / heads for home


Outcomes of the Program Include

•   Experience a quality family vacation
•   Receive caregiver & sibling focused support
•   Access professional guidance tailored to individual(s) with diverse abilities
•   Explore Individual & Family Counselling lead by Professionals
•   Receive Behavior Skills Training from Behaviour Consultants
•   Complete a Family PATH and Visioning Poster
•   Co-author a “family forward” plan


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