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Meet Chelsea Melia

Abbotsford Regional Manager/Behaviour Interventionist 

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I have been with Pivot Point for over 2 years, and am a mother of 4. I have worked in Manitoba as an inclusion specialist in daycares and in Alberta as an educational assistant. I am thrilled to have many roles within Pivot Point. I am the Regional Manager for Abbotsford, as well as a Behaviour Interventionist, Child Care Worker, Teen Transition Coordinator, and Program Assistant.
The Abbotsford region opened at the beginning of 2014. Over the years, we have grown and experienced success with staff, clients and the community. Our region currently serves approximately 40 clients throughout the areas of Abbotsford and Mission, ranging from 3 years old into adulthood.


Meet the Abbotsford Team

Our team consists of approximately 15 dedicated staff members. Our staff range in backgrounds and education, from psychology to social work to counselling (to name a few) making our team a true wealth of knowledge and experience. The team consists of behaviour consultants, behaviour consultant practicum students, child care workers, behaviour interventionists, and counsellors.


About Services in Abbotsford

The Abbotsford region provides services for clients from early childhood into adulthood. These services include: behaviour consultation, child care work, counselling, lifeskills support, teen transition planning and PATH coordination.

In addition to individual services, Abbotsford offers a range of therapeutic groups for children (such as social skills groups and summer camps), as well as adult community training events throughout the year. Please visit our calendar of events for a current list of all events, and follow those links to view or register for specific events.