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Teen Transition Planning Program

Pivot Point provides an effective and well developed transition experience for youth with Autism or Diverse Abilities and their families, as they transition into adulthood and establish the foundations of a successful and meaningful life as a maturing individual. This includes a three-layered system that involves family members, friends, school staff, and other supporters to help create a winning team!  We start with a Parent Orientation Video to create a broad familiarization with the many variables that parents and caregivers need to know. Then we recommend an Online PATH as a Person Centred Planning approach to help launch the family planning. Lastly, our Transition Coordinators provide the leadership, regular meetings, and support to take all the steps necessary to reach success. Not all families require all three layers of this progress. So reach out any time, and we’ll help you start with what’s best for YOUR family! 

This Program Is For

Any teen age 13 or older (either neurotypical or with Autism or Diverse Abilities) who is seeking guidance, inspiration and focus to help ensure a more successful journey towards adulthood. Or for any adult seeking more direction and preparation for an upcoming change.

Length of Program:

The Parent Orientation is 3 hours.

An Online PATH takes up to 5 hours in total, but the main family meeting is typically 2.5 hours long.

Transition Coordination can be 2 to 5 hours every week, or second week… leading to hundreds of hours carefully invested over several years to seek the right solutions, enlist the right professionals and experts for support, and inspire family, friends and professionals to all play a meaningful role along the way!


  • • Parents must be able to commit government Autism Funding or personal funds, or both to pay for services.
  • • Parent & family participation is required to shape, and then pursue, the dreams for the individual and family.

Funding Options:

  • • Autism Funding of BC
  • • Private Funding
  • • At-Home Funding
  • • CLBC Funding

Intake Process

There are two ways to get started:

#1, complete our Request a Meeting form and let us schedule a free call to talk through your questions and help you decide where to start. 

#2, learn more about the Online PATH (here or below), then fill out our brief “Start your Online PATH Now!” form to book your family planning PATH. 

  • • We can call you back within 24-48 hours, and book longer planning meetings usually within 1 week.
  • Parent Orientations are offered as a self-paced narrated slideshow. Watch as many times as you’d like for up to 60 days of access. 
  • PATH’s may take 2 to 4 weeks to schedule and set up, but are accomplished within one afternoon or evening once we’ve helped you identify all of the family, friends, and professionals you would like to invite to join the video conference PATH. 
  • Transition Coordination may begin immediately as part of the PATH set-up, so that meetings, community discovery, and action taking happens as soon as you say, “Let’s Start!”

Primary Services in this program are:


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