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Planning a Better Future?

If you have ever wished for a better future for yourself, or for someone else, creating a clear vision and a plan is where to start.


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PATH is a Person Centred Planning tool that has been used extensively around the world since the 1980’s. It is a carefully designed group or family process that brings people together to create that shared vision for the future, and then helps to launch that plan into action!


At the heart of the PATH process is the Pathfinder. This is a person who decides to meet together with friends, family and community supporters to build clarity about the route into a better future, and to spark the inspiration to start taking those steps forward.

A PATH journey is often used as the starting point of any type of transition planning. This may include a child moving from elementary school to high school, a teen moving from childhood to adulthood, an adult moving out of the family home, or simply an individual or couple wanting greater intention and purpose for what lies ahead. Regardless of who uses it, the two+ hour PATH process is the “kick-start” that many people need to begin moving towards that better future.

Pivot Point’s Online Approach

Pivot Point has created a better, easier and SAFER way for anyone to be able to participate in the magic of the PATH goal setting and transition planning process: We redesigned it, and moved it online!

Pivot Point’s Online PATH is still a team or family process, as pathfinders are encouraged to invite friends, family members, teachers, social workers, coworkers, or anyone else who is important in the pathfinder’s life. But now, pathfinders can be joined by friends and family living anywhere in the world, simply by joining the video conference! The Online PATH process can be used with groups of 5 to 25, as a celebration of what is to come!

Our Online PATH is co-lead by a Pivot Point trained PATH facilitator and a Digital Graphic Reporter! These two staff work together during the Online PATH, to inspire discussions and explore possibilities, while building the personalized PATH image – in real time – that tells the pathfinder’s story.

The Online PATH journey is a visual process. We add original family photos to images from our vast picture library to create a customized poster that vibrantly brings dreams to life! The poster can then be printed and taped on the pathfinder’s wall as a constant motivator and reminder of the future they are working towards.

The Online PATH is a great way to create massive motivation, clarity, and teamwork towards common goals. It leaves the pathfinder feeling empowered, inspired, and supported by those who matter most to them. And the process leaves their friends, family and community supporters knowing exactly what to say and do to support the pathfinder on each stage of their journey towards success!

The PATH Session

An Online PATH generally takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. The PATH Facilitator begins by welcoming all guests in an online meeting, briefly explaining the process, and starts the event by asking the Pathfinder to share some of his or her dreams.

  • What is your vision of the future?
  • Where will you live?
  • What will you do for work?
  • What will you do for fun?

The PATH Graphic Recorder begins creating images and words on the PATH Poster that best describe the Pathfinder’s answers. Family and friends are encouraged to participate, keeping it a positive experience, and NEVER limiting the dream!

From there, the PATH Facilitators guide the journey through several stages designed to evolve and sharpen these visions, helping the whole team map out all steps needed to move from the here and now, into that better future.

To Get Started

Complete our Request an Online PATH form. Once submitted, a Transition Coordinator will contact you to gather some background information needed for the PATH, answer your questions, help you schedule the date and time, and invite your team and guests!

The entire Online PATH process takes about 5 hours in total. This includes initial phone calls, collection of pathfinder’s images and preferences, set up of the Online PATH event, inviting and coordinating guests, hosting the 2.5 hour online meeting, and some finishing work following the meeting.

The cost of the Online PATH journey is $500. British Columbia’s Autism Funding is eligible.

A PATH can be provided as a stand alone service or seamlessly integrated into other services offered by Pivot Point. However, we strongly recommend that the PATH be paired with Transition Coordination services as this is how the PATH gets put into action!


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