Services to Diverse Abilities throughout
British Columbia


Work With Us

Pivot Point provides family support services to families with childhood disabilities throughout British Columbia. So if you live in BC, we are likely supporting families who live in your community too! If you are interested in joining our network of service providers, simply attach a current resume (with your home address on it) to a cover letter email addressed to one of the regional addresses below.

Some information to include in your cover letter, which would be helpful for us to know in considering your application, would include:

  • Specific positions you are applying for
  • Your training and experience related to children with autism
  • Your gender, age, and home address (all used to create appropriate ‘fit’ with clients)
  • How many hours of work per week you are seeking
  • The personal qualities that you feel make you stand out from the others in your field applying to do the same work
  • Your ability to work with a multidisciplinary team to support families through a holistic and integrated service delivery model
  • If you have a car with Business insurance that enables you to carry children more than 6 times a month (required)
  • Your aptitude with a computer

For the region nearest you, please contact us.