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Tutoring Program:


~ Outside The Box joins Pivot Point! Pivot Point is happy to announce our partnership with Outside the Box tutoring services!

Outside the Box (OTB) is a tutoring service that is dedicated to helping kids learn in fun and “outside the box” ways to optimize learning and success.  Over the last five years Outside the Box has pioneered an approach to academic tutoring that is both fun and effective for students. OTB Tutoring services have spread throughout much of BC’s lower mainland, and their partnership with Pivot Point will help bring OTB’s innovative tutoring supports to communities through the Province!

Outside the Box offers a unique approach to tutoring that happens in the client’s home, their natural homework setting!  OTB works with the student’s learning style to create an environment of fast-paced fun when doing homework or learning new skills.

“In addition to helping students with homework and test preparation,we teach skills designed to help them succeed in life.”

To further guide the student, OTB also offers In-Home Parent Coaching.  And now that OTB is a part of Pivot Point, all Tutoring Services will be delivered seamlessly along with any other Pivot Point services. This means that a students tutoring program can easily transition into a more behaviour ABA based program, or into a Speech therapy or Occupational Therapy based program, or into counselling or NeuroFeedBack, etc. as needed to help inspire success for the whole family!

Academic Assessments…

Are you concerned that your child may have missed certain skills along the way?

We often find that children with ADHD, ASD, and undiagnosed Learning Disabilities struggle in school because they didn’t learn certain foundational academic skills. These holes in their knowledge, and especially in knowing HOW to learn, make things worse grade after grade, making each year significantly harder to face. What may look like defiance, temper tantrums, anger, or anxiety may actually be your child’s way of communicating that they don’t know how to do something.

Each province has laid out certain academic goals for reading, writing and math for each grade. Unfortunately, even if students are not meeting these learning outcomes, they are passed on to the next grade until they hit secondary school.

We provide an academic assessment which evaluates a child’s comprehension and competency in each academic goal for the grade that they have most recently completed. Then we assess and profile their learning style and personality style, and make suggestions of how they will be learn based on the results.

After the assessment, we create a custom made kit for your child based on their assessment results (which can be shared with teachers, tutors, etc.) and a collection of teaching and learning tools designed to help them with their identified areas of weakness. These tools may include focus strategies, checklists, learning games, and other motivational strategies to keep the learning fun!

More than JUST tutoring!

We believe that students with ADHD, ASD, and other developmental disabilities have amazing things to contribute to this world if they are taught that their diagnosis is a gift, rather than a disorder. By learning to harness their gift of energy and unique ways of thinking, they will learn to find success.

At Pivot Point’s Outside the Box tutoring Program, our aim is to help your child find their foundation for life-long success and confidence through our focus on improving self-esteem, confidence, and learning know-how. Let us show you how learning challenges can be a gift!

We work with elementary and high school students at all levels of ability to help them find success — both in the classroom and in their lives.

For more information about Outside the Box, please visit www.adhdservices.ca.  (Please note that OTB was originally focused on supporting ONLY students with ADHD, but now that they are a part of Pivot Point, their expertise can be shared with a larger community. As such, this website will shift and grow over the coming months to reflect the wide range of ages and abilities Pivot Point currently serves).