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Taming the Worry Dragons

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Worry Dragons Group

Improve your child’s Mental Health and Anxiety!

Mental Health is a growing concern. Mounting anxiety and stress may be compounding your children’s daily struggles. Taming the Worry Dragons can successfully help today’s youth learn to recognize and manage their daily stressors with specific coping skills for a happier, healthier life.

Led by a Registered Clinical Counsellor Wendy Blackshaw Humphrey, MA. Wendy’s highly rated success with her participants comes from positive energy that makes it easy for her group to feel relaxed, connected, and ready to lock away their worries, as they come to realize, they’ve got this!

The goal of this mental health group is for participants to experience a decrease in anxiety. Our Lead Professionals will help to equip the participants with knowledge, tools and skills to decrease anxieties and stressors in every day life.

The age range for this group will be ages 9-14 years old (some exceptions can be made to this age range, considering the other clients who have enrolled).

Sessions will be structured in the following way:

  • Check in (worry dragon scale & weekly statement – prepared ahead of time)
  • Psychoeducation about the topic of the week
  • Independent time to work on worksheet or group practice
  • Discussion about topic, worksheets, or practice
  • Time to write hopeful statement
  • Closing – sharing hopeful statement and end of group worry dragon rating

This group runs once a week on for 8 weeks, with each session running for 90 minutes.


Payments for above groups can be made privately or by applying AFB funding



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