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Explore the World of Dungeons & Dragons!

Dungeons and Dragons


Join our Dungeon Master in a long-term adventure into the world of Magic, Mystery and Magnificent Treasures. Delve into darkest dungeons and explore ancient ruins in the pursuit of increased social skills, problem-solving, co-operation and fun! 

Our H.A.N.G. Dungeons & Dragons In-Person groups start with a casual social check-in over a simple meal (usually Pizza or a sandwich platter), then the H.A.N.G. process naturally emerges as the Dungeon Master gently invites participants into their roles and goals for their individual adventure that day. Most of our D&D participants don’t even recognize that they are in a social skill development group! They just keep coming back for the fun and friendships!

“Helping Adolescents / Adults Network and Grow” (HANG) is a way for teens and adults to build peer relationships while practicing social skills. Each session of any “H.A.N.G.” styled group includes structured greeting activities, group activity planning, gentle in-the-moment coaching, and feedback on observed and emerging social skill dynamics.

This group will run in 8 week blocks, every Wednesday, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm at our Duncan location.  

Families have the option to register for all or any of the following 8 week blocks:

  • •  January 4, 2023 – February 22, 2023


The cost of each 8 week block is $600.00.
Payments can be made privately or by using AFB funding.