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15 Anniversary: Spotlight on Trevor Ross

Celebrating our 15 year anniversary also means celebrating 15 years of working with amazing frontline staff that have made all the difference for our client families! Finding the right members to join our team doesn’t come easily. Today we’d like to highlight Trevor Ross, who has been a perfect fit since he joined our team a year and a half ago.

Trevor works as a Behaviour Interventionist, Child Care Worker, and Respite Worker here at Pivot Point. Although he has only been a member of our team for a year and a half, Trevor comes with several years of volunteer experience working with children and youth. We love finding employees that have a passion for what they do.

“In addition to learning quite a bit more about my own diverse ability, Pivot Point has given me the opportunity to spend my week doing something I enjoy. I have met some great families and am thankful for the opportunity to work with them and make a difference in their lives.”

Much like our clients, Trevor too is on the autism spectrum. Although not normally open about his diagnosis, Trevor felt like it was fate when he was hired.

“When I came in for my interview at Pivot Point, I did something I don’t normally do. I revealed I’m not neurotypical, even if I’m good at pretending I am. Truth be told, my autism is something I spent most of my life burying, so I was a little intrigued when I was able to be so forward about it. Regardless, I revealed a card I usually keep to myself and here I am almost a year and a half later!”

Trevor has become a valued member of our team. He understands our guiding principles and values and takes the time to get to know each and every client he works with.

“I think my favourite part about working here is that it’s different day in and day out. Everything we do is tailored to the needs of individual clients as opposed to being ‘by the book’”. We assess the needs of each client and find the best way to help them achieve their goals. I love seeing how far my clients have come since I first started working with them.”

We are so grateful to have frontline staff like Trevor on our team. According to Regional Manager Virginia Renaud, “Trevor is always super quick to lend a hand, and his positive attitude is often contagious, especially at our monthly Regional Rounds! He connects with his clients on a personal level and gives 110% in everything he does.”

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