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Feedback and Results

As a CARF accredited therapeutic rehabilitation facility, we believe it is important to know if our treatments are effective. As such, our Behaviour Consultants collect information about the therapeutic outcomes achieved by each of our clients. We use both the Vineland and the CARS2, along with other measures of progress throughout a treatment year, to track therapeutic progress case by case, region by region, and age group by group. Our results are then compared to internationally published research results to see how we compare.

Good news!!! We are very much on track! Please view our Therapeutic Outcome Measures here.

Click here if you would like to review the Therapeutic Outcome Measures highlights.

Where are we going from here?

As a learning organization, Pivot Point continues to develop our clinical practice and to collect meaningful data that demonstrates the effectiveness of our agency. We KNOW that good things happen within our agency, we know that children with ASD and their families experience tremendous growth.


Suggestion Box & Informal Feedback:

We want to hear from you! Do you have a comment or a suggestion? Please click here to give us your anonymous feedback! This link is for parents, clients, family members, community partners who would like to provide anonymous feedback (positive or negative) to Pivot Point. Please note that because this form is anonymous, Pivot Point cannot formally respond to these suggestions or feedback.