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Welcome to Pivot Point

Pivot Point is a social service agency for children and adults with diverse abilities throughout BC. Simply put, we are passionate about CREATING POSITIVE CHANGE!

  • We support behavioural, emotional, psychological, and educational needs!
  • We are committed to supporting your whole family!
  • We are innovative… and uncommonly accountable!
  • We are one of the largest AUTISM treatment centres for children and adults in BC!
  • We tailor all services to the unique needs of each family!
  • We are a top tier accredited service agency!

Our Mission is…

To help create the turning point in people’s lives that gives inspiration and focus to personal growth and success.


Through innovative business practices and heartfelt focus on creating meaningful change, Pivot Point leads the way towards reaching a higher quality of life for our clients, staff and community partners.

Executive Director’s “Why”: Video Executive Directors Video

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