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What are “QR Codes”?

QR or “Quick Response” codes are computer generated symbols that carry information that computers can quickly read.  They are like bar-codes, however QR Codes can be scanned at any angle by most hand-held smart phones.

Pivot Point uses QR codes in many different ways:

You will find QR codes on much of Pivot Point’s marketing.  Here, people can scan the QR codes and instantly have access to the “target information” embedded in the code….. some are our websites, some are our FaceBook pages, others are phone numbers and email addresses.

When combined with the puzzle piece (the international symbol for Autism), we think they become a fun and easy way for people to “Connect” with Pivot Point electronically, and we hope you’ll enjoy participating.

You will also find QR codes on the back of staff member “ID badges”.  Here the QR code will direct any user to an encrypted website page – that can ONLY be reached through the QR code – where the user can read the professional biography of the staff member, as well as receive confirmation of that person’s employment status at Pivot Point.

There are MANY free QR Code readers available to smart phone users.  Pivot Point does not “recommend” any one product over others, however, the following links may help you get started: