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We Will Not Close Down

By Crystal Thompson (Pivot Point Assistant Director)

March 20, 2020

This is a personal message from me, as a mother, to families and our community.

My heart is saying that we cannot leave families to handle this time on their own. We must stay engaged. We must remain committed to the work that we do and the life that we love supporting individuals with Diverse Abilities.  It would break my heart to close Pivot Point’s doors. It feels like we would be abandoning our families. 

I personally know what it is like to be a mother to young children, a foster son and a HomeShare provider. All families are unique. All families need our support. They need their communities’ support. 

At home in self-isolation, there are no expectations, most people can lounge around the house and watch tv, play video games, read a book, etc. But families of individuals with Diverse Abilities do not get to do that. They must maintain some sort of order or schedule to help their child stay grounded in some sense of consistency and predictability. 

Parents will be trying their best to manage the fine line between asking their children to learn and engage, and giving them a break. If they give too much of a break, they will lose their children to their self stimulatory behavior, obsessions, video games, etc. If they try to engage too much, they will get resistance, and even frustration and anger. It is a dance that happens all the time. Because of the COVID Pandemic, parents will be doing this every day for multiple days, weeks and possibly even months. Parents will burn out, without question. They are human (superhuman most of the time). We cannot abandon them.

As far as I know, there is no model prepared to handle a pandemic and how community service providers are supposed to act. We know that we do need to shift how we provide our services. And that is ok.

I am thankful that Pivot Point has always embraced technology. We know how to interact online and frequently have online meetings. We use a platform that is secure to upload documents and engage with our clients and staff every day. There are multiple ways that we can engage with families and with the kiddos and adults that we support. We can do so via telephone, text, and online video (Hangouts Meet, etc). We can set aside the formal programs we had been working on and just engage.

My hope is that we can give the families a brief break from the chaos of this crisis. That we can give the people we serve a new face to look at, a new set of ears that can hear them and a fresh perspective for just a little while every day. 

So my commitment is to stay engaged with the individuals and families that we serve. To offer any support that we could possibly provide in this time of crisis. To be creative and flexible in my thinking and support to others. 

Are you with me?

Crystal Thompson – Mother (and Grandmother)

By Crystal Thompson (Pivot Point Assistant Director)