Services to Diverse Abilities throughout
British Columbia


Therapeutic Groups

Many children thrive in GROUP settings that are safe, fun, and well-designed for their learning. Building friendships and learning together can be powerful tools for helping your child reach new levels of personal growth and success. All groups require initial assessment, curriculum tailored to the participants, and post-group evaluations…. to ensure our groups are not just fun, but that they also make a difference!

Purposeful Play:
This is a series of courses where children under age 6 can generalize and practice new skills with their peers… in a supportive small group environment. Each class is supported by two leaders who create a semi-structured format that includes: a short circle-time, snack, open ended play, an art opportunity, play skills coaching, and Natural Environment Teaching.

  • Finding Your Voice through Song
  • Getting ready for Preschool Play
  • Starting Friendships and Social Skills

Social Success:
This is a series of courses for school-aged children (6-19) where peer learning and individual learning are aggressively combined. Each course is built around a specific age group, and focuses on a specific topic that THOSE specific participants need to learn about. Once the group dynamics have been carefully developed (to optimize buy-in and participation), the group is on its way through an intensive and fast-paced social journey about the topic of the day. Quick changes in the discussion, MANY engaging activities each class, and the ability to integrate individual children’s struggles, successes, emotions, and discoveries… for the learning benefit of everyone in the room, help make each child a Social success!

  • Offering a wide variety of skill focused groups (“Let’s talk”, “Focus on friendship”, Managing Emotion”, “Transitioning Teens”, and more!)
  • Functional Age-groups create well matched teams
  • Integrated with home-based One-to-One intervention programs
  • Tremendous social learning!

Camps and Other Kids:
The following events vary region to region based on interest and availability:
Summer camps: These full-day camps run 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, typically for only one week in any given region throughout the summer. Children are grouped by age and ability, and paired with 2 or 3 skilled staff members who facilitate fun safe activities and discussions that are focused on the social skill “topic of the day”.

Sibling Support Groups: This is an eight-week course designed for the siblings and parents of a child with a disability or chronic illness. Please see our website at siblingSUPPORTgroups.ca for more information and registration.