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Kootenay ADULT Behaviour Consultation Program

Pivot Point is pleased to have been chosen by CLBC to provide Clinical Behaviour Consultation Services to adult clients and service providers throughout the Kootenay region on behalf of CLBC!

The Kootenay Behaviour Consultation Program (KBCP) provides services for adults living in residential care in the East and West Kootenays. The purpose of this program is to assist service providers to develop Behaviour Support Plans (BSP) and Safety Plans (SP) where required. Moreover, when problem behaviour is present, our Behaviour Consultant provides functional assessment or analysis to determine the function of the behaviour and develop a plan to build alternative behaviours or decrease the problem behaviour. Because all Behaviour Support and Safety Plans must be authorized by a Behaviour Consultant, the BC liaises with CLBC and service providers and provides on-going review and support of the plans.

In addition to the development of plans to support individual clients, development of service provider skills through ongoing training and support is a key component of the KBCP. Training is designed to assist service providers to enhance their internal capacity through the provision of three types of training services: (1) in-service training to specific staffing groups; (2) training to facilitate educational and skill building opportunities for broader audiences and support staff ; and (3) mentorship and facilitation of peer support among service providers.

Classes in The Program So Far…

  • Antecedent Strategies: Examines the environmental factors that can be used to prevent problem behaviours from occurring. Topics covered include: manipulating the environment, visual supports, and changing motivational factors
  • Reinforcement and SR+ Strategies: Reinforcement strengthens a behaviour. Learn how to use reinforcement to develop adaptive behaviour and how to stop using it to maintain problem behaviour.
  • NVCPI: Non-violent Crisis Prevention Intervention teaches participants how to de-escalate behaviour and manage aggressive or assaultive behaviour. This is a 2 day event and requires physical demonstration of each skill taught.
  • Person Centred Service Provision: Clients with large behavioural repertoires are less likely to engage in problem behaviour. Learn how to develop measureable adaptive behaviour goals using a Person Centered perspective.
  • ABC’s of Behaviour: How does behaviour work?? The ABC’s of behaviour looks at the three term contingency to help service providers become proficient at identifying the function of a behaviour.
  • Developing New Behaviour: Teaching techniques and methodology for the development of communication and skills for independent living are the focus of this workshop.
  • RBT Trained ‘Behaviour Leads’: We are proud to support the CLBC Kootenay region in leading the way by becoming one of the first regions in Canada to support the formal training of ‘Behavioural Leads’ as Registered Behaviour Technicians. 

For more information about each class date, including registration information, follow the class link located on our Calendar of Events.

 Service Provider Training HANDOUTS can be found here!