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British Columbia


Adult Community Training

Insight, skill, and compassion unlock the mysteries of childhood conditions. Pivot Point helps PARENTS, SERVICE PROVIDERS, EDUCATORS and AGENCIES rediscover their magic in supporting children and teens with Special Needs. Your participation at our events will create a turning point, and give you inspiration and focus for the important work you do. Attend our hosted events in your community, co-host an event with us, or design the event that we can present for you. Working together, we can all be at our best!

FOR PARENTS Pivot Point creates local training events that are IN YOUR COMMUNITY, not on-line, where parents and local service providers come together to learn… and to build a sense of community. We actively limit our class sizes to help create a comfortable open learning group, where no one feels lost in the crowd. Our presentation style ENCOURAGES discussion and active reflection because we understand that one parent’s “exploration” can often “unlock” the learning for others in the room. Furthermore, this form of social learning helps the learning process to continue to grow long after the class has ended, through the relationships developed in classes together.

FOR TEACHING STAFF Pivot Point offers several half-day or full-day Professional Development classes, in school districts throughout the Province. Most of our Pro-D day classes are designed around a standard full-day, with 6 hours of instructional time. However, content can be adjusted to reflect 4 hour or 2 hour sessions also. Please note that most topics presented below can also become the focus of a more intensive class, such as a half-day or full-day on just Oppositional Defiance Disorder (and other conduct problems), or on just Anxiety, or just Giftedness. Similarly, half-days or full-days on just the ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-R), or just data collection, or “combination events” for school staff AND parents can all be arranged.

Common Courses:
School Pro-D Days, Agency Staff Trainings, Small Community Events, Service Fairs

  • Introduction to Childhood Disorders
  • Introduction to ABA for Supporting and Educating Children with Autism
  • Advanced ABA Skills for Educating Children with ASD
  • Advanced Behaviour Management for Supporting Children with ASD
  • Advanced ABA PROGRAMMING for Designing Educational Programs
  • Teen Transition Planning and PATH Training for Facilitators

Please contact us at 604.531.4544 (or toll free at 1.866.531.4544) with any questions or requests.