Getting to know you – Virginia Renaud

Pivot Point North Fraser Regional Manager – Virginia Renaud.


Name: Virginia Renaud

Location you live in: Mission

How long have you been with Pivot Point?: Since last September, 2011

What is your region?: North Fraser

What is your training?: Journalism, Advocacy, Group Facilitation, Characteristics of Autism, Autism Behaviour Intervention, Case Management

What do you like about working for Pivot Point?: The versatility and transparency of the organization. I also love the way we are all so connected and that everyone is on the same team, no matter what region we’re in.

What’s your favourite part of your job?:  Meeting with families. Whether it’s meeting them at the beginning of their Autism Journey, or helping them create the turning point in their child’s life by embracing a new therapy or approach, that is a very empowering thing. I am very passionate about helping families get on track and stay there. I have a son with Autism as well – he’s now 21. My own struggles over the years have taught me so much, I feel very blessed to be able to pass on this knowledge and experience to others.

What group programs do you offer?: Just finished “Managing Emotions” and we are currently running “Focus on Friendship with a group of young men (pre-teen). They are having a blast! More Social Success groups to come!

What are your goals for your region?: I’m interested in getting the word out about Pivot Point as a viable choice for parents, and to help get more parent support for the region. Very little is known about our organization in this area and I’m working hard to change that. By meeting with Social Workers, liaising with other non-profit groups and becoming involved in community events, I believe we can show parents and other decision-makers that we are different on a good way! I would also like to develop an ongoing workshop series with the Fraser Valley Autism Society and Pivot Point, using our own staff as presenters. There is very definite need for this in my region and I hope to make that a reality soon!